Sing yourself happy in         your car or shower!       

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 Sing Yourself Happy, LLC

 Sing Yourself Happy, LLC

 Innovative singing courses for the hesitant- but eager- singer! 

​"Respond to every call that excites your spirit!" - Rumi

While individual lessons may be available upon request at the rate of $200/hour, we encourage you to try the 8-week group course because we believe there is greater opportunity for growth and confidence building when you both witness and are witnessed by group members on a similar path.  The truth is that we actually find group classes more rewarding to teach because of the increased possibility for playful experimentation with multiple people in the room. We think it's more fun!      




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Our aim is for everyone to be able to sing with us who would like to. Offering the Sing Yourself Happy course as group class, rather than one-on-one lessons, keeps the cost of participation lower for you.